Kto - Djeep

Have some more time, have some more time…

Well guys, this is what happens when someone decides to make the contest game the night before:


Btw, don’t think that it is a bug that the AI continues to play after the game if over … I made it so that is seems even more sinister!!! :chinaman:

Hav phun

Hey, I like that game :slight_smile:

2 player and car-car collision would be cool.

You got that … I also thought it would be nice to have such things but after 10 or so hours of coding you don’t care too much :smiley:

That’s awesome, kto :slight_smile: Very nice work (for some reason my opponent got stuck so I could terminate it, but it’s cool all the same).

after 10 or so hours of coding you don’t care too much

… Softcore! :slight_smile:

I think I have fixed most of the bugs and added what should have been there in the first place … I knew it would be good to have a few beta-testers – it always helps :D.

Thanks guys. :thumb:

wow awesome game man!

lol i ended up doing a double KO with the bot jeep…i still lost tho :frowning:

Thats a really fun game. I like how I know that the course repeats and the computer doesn’t suspect that I’m going to come up behind him. He’s always so suprised!