Lite-on Keyboard - it's like making sex when typing

LITE-ON SK-1688U/B Black 104 Normal Keys USB Wired Standard Keyboard

:hugegrin::hugegrin::hugegrin::hugegrin::hair: (4 out of 5)

This is simply the best keyboard I have ever owned. I wrote this review for Newegg, but I thought you all would benefit from reading about it here too.

The pressure of the keys are consistent at every level of depression. This imbues a confidence in the typist. She no longer needs to ask if the key registered or not.

The keys are extremely soft and takes minimal effort to press. The sounds they make are like music to my ears - barely audible whiffing sounds. There’s no clatter like an Apple desktop keyboard or old Macbook keyboard. There’s no squeeging sound that sends a shiver down your spine as a Dell keyboard does.

The cord is very short, but luckily it’s just enough for me. That’s why I docked one egg from my rating. If your computer is not right by your legs or you have a huge table, the cord may not reach your computer.

final thoughts
This Lite-on keyboard doesn’t look fancy and doesn’t have any special media keys. But if all you want is a keyboard to maximize your comfort and typing speed, then Lite-on is the way to go. This is simply the best.