Loading tutorial..i need some fla Example


plz plz i really cannot understand some tutorials on the internet :frowning:
:*( i need some Example “make a simple Scene that shows loading Scene” and i will download it and i will try to understand by my own…

i am still a flash beginner and i like to learn more about loading scene

regards jake

I’m working on RE working my preloader tutorial, but you are welcome to take a look at any of my miniscule quantity of tut’s I’m sure you’ll find them far easier to follow than the norm.


just follow the links

In addition, there are a number of threads in this forum, and the a/s forum that deal with preloaders in detail.

PS~ anyone interested in preloaders should go to www.moock.org and check out the seminar Moock gave on the subject. It’s very enlightening.