loadMovie Help

i have a movie http://www.aaronsleeper.com/site.fla into which I’m trying to load another movie. http://www.aaronsleeper.com/pictureHolder.swf

the place in my movie I’m trying to load it is _root.window.content.techtext.previewContainer

i have the following attatched to a blank MC on it’s own layer in the techtext symbol

onClipEvent (load) {
	_root.window.content.techtext.loadMovie("pictureHolder.swf", "previewContainer");
	_root.window.content.techtext._x = 500;
	_root.window.content.techtext._y = 500;

i’ve tried loading into level 0,1,2,3 and tried loading into a target “previewContainer” as shown above.

any help is greatly appreciated.

the end purpose of this is to be able to have images that load dynamically with their own preloaders so i can display work

try this

_root.window.content.techtext._x = 500;
_root.window.content.techtext._y = 500;

in fact… i think you can just change it to

this._parent._x = 500;
this._parent._y = 500;

and if there’s no specific reason to use a movie clip acting as a control… you can put your script in the timeline of techtext

this._x = 500;
this._y = 500;

hope it helps… =)

i tried this one out

this._x = 500;
this._y = 500;

but it didn’t work

did you d/l the movie and try it? maybe i’m missing something

thanks very much for your time and help =)

nope… i didn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

but now that you have problems with the script i’ll download it :wink:

so it turns out i’m retarded :sure:

_x and _y are positions not sizes as i was using them if i put it at 500x500 then it’s off the screen … hehe

alright … it works but it makes the text i have there disappear

any suggestions for fixing that … i want there to be text there and the image =)

thanks again


this.previewContainer._x = 0;
this.previewContainer._y = 0;

now my text doesn’t disappear (or get moved) the movie loads fine … i just have to use as to size and position it properly now :love:

where’s the text? in techtext or previewContainer? :slight_smile:

in techtext… it shouldn’t. i’ll check it out as soon as the transfer is completed :wink:
in previewContainer… yes. everytime you load a swf, jpg, etc. into a movie clip the current content is replaced with the new one.

oh! ok… good luck :wink: =)

how wierd
when i add

this.previewContainer._width = 100;
this.previewContainer._height = 100;

it no longer works :frowning:

the external movie is not loaded or it’s loaded in its original size? :sleep:

[size=1]:: downloads the files again ::[/size] :stuck_out_tongue:

it doesn’t appear on the screen so i don’t know if it doesn’t load or if it is just off the screen like it was previously when i had the _x and _y set to 500

ok. try with _xscale and _yscale instead :wink:

did that … it works =)


there must be an easier way than this though, i posted a new thread on the forum trying to load images dynamically with a preloader =) i’ve seen it done but i don’t know how to do it

no problem shuga :wink: =)

i must have something like that… somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:
if i find it i’ll attach the file. i don’t promise anything though :-\