LoadMovie with an image using a string? Possible?


What I am trying to do is simply load the images location using a string.

Here is my Code.

//Load Images
image1 = "image.jpeg"
image2 = "image.jpeg"
image3 = "image.jpeg"
image4 = "image.jpeg"
image5 = "image.jpeg"
image6 = "image.jpeg"
image7 = "image.jpeg"
		loadMovie(image1, _root.image1);
		loadMovie(image2, _root.image2);
		loadMovie(image3, _root.image3);
		loadMovie(image4, _root.image4);
		loadMovie(image5, _root.image5);
		loadMovie(image6, _root.image6);
		loadMovie(image7, _root.image7);

Yet this does not work…

The reason I need it to be a string is because later it will be loaded via XML.
So does anyone have anyides how this might work?

Thanks! :hugegrin: