Massachusetts Sex Offenders

The governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney is presenting a bill to the legislature that would list all convicted sex offenders on-line for access to anyone who wants to see. It will be broken up by town and there last known address will be what is given and that is the information used to compile the list after the offender reports themselves which is required by law. Many states already have this list and some even list the offense committed and have pictures of the offenders.

I am wondering what you guys think about this, before I post:

I guess the main question is-who should we protect-the people around the community or the offender going into the community? Some say they have the right to know with out having to request information on one specific name (which is how it currently is in massachusetts-you can go to the police and request the address of someone if you know they are in your town) and others say it is only going to breed violence against people who have served their time.

What do you guys think?