Music for my Ears

Right people. this type of thread might have been raised before. i did try looking for it but obviously did not find it.

So Anyway

What i was wondering was…how do i add backckground music to my site?
now im a n00b regaurding this topic and basicly i need to know just bout everything…
Here are my key issues:

  • Is there a site where I can download/buy this sort of music?
  • I have Cakewalk Project 5 where i can “make” my own music. but its a bit too advanced for me ( i cant make the kind of music i would want for my site).

Lets say i manage to getr my music sorted, what i need to know now is where do i put it?

  • On a Keyframe? on the frame itself?
  • is there any actionscript involved?
  • Do i need to stream it? if so then how do i do that?!

Still with me??? Great!
These are just a few things i can pick out from th top me head.
If anyone has any tutorials on either cakewalk or whatever just HELP ME!!

Thanks again for reading this.