[MX] Counting up function

hi guys,
I fllowed this thread:

and had another query on it.

The AS on the first frame so far is :

//start number
var nr = 0;
//end number
var max = 52;
function count() {
//if number smaller as variable max increase with 1
//else clear the interval
nr<max ? nr++ : clearInterval(delay);
//show the number
//(info is the instancename of the txtfield)
info.text = nr;
//set the interval, 100 is in msecs
var delay = setInterval(count, 100);

Now I would like to create a button that triggers the function, as opposed to it just counting up at the start of the movie. I know it is prob dead simple, but I am puzzled as to how to go about it?

Please excuse the repitition, but the original thread was badly named and obviously no-one bothering to look at it.