MX04:Can't get out transition to play?

ok I have 2 buttons, and they load external swfs into containers everything works fine but it seems like my gotoAndPlay(“framelabel”) isn’t working…

here is the code for the buttons… incidentally they are inside a movieclip on the mainstage… everything else seems to work just fine… also I have my intro and out animations inside the external swfs. I’ve tried _root.contents_mc.gotoAndPlay(“out”); I’ve tried _parent this._parent and _parent._parent and this.contents_mc.

both buttons will load the external swf but when I click on the other button it should play the out and then load the next swf and start playing the intro (which is the beinging of the external swfs timeline) ANY Ideas whats going on here?

news_btn.onRelease = function() {
if (_global.page_holder !== “news”) {
_global.page_holder = (“news”);

if I need to I’ll post the flas in a zip file they are kinda big but nothing huge.

forgot to mention the containerMCs (contents_mc and subcontents_mc) are on the main timeline and the buttons are 1 level deeper inside a movieclip placed on the main stage as in:
and the code I referenced above is on its own layer in the buttoncontainer MCs timeline… Am I going crazy?