mx2004-Loadmovie question


I am trying, and have started to create a movie with 3 external swfs, and one nice chunky one to start. I am combining some aftereffects video stuff, so the files are kind of large. What I am doing so far, is setting up a simple preloader (one that I got from here) and then on frame three, embedding the first segment of my movie. Once that first segment plays, and gets to frame 220 or so, I then have a container placed with the loadmovie command, to load the next swf. And then so on, and so on.

It works fine, however, there is a pause when the _root gets to the next frame container to load the movie. The reason being I am sure, is that the movie isn’t loading while the initial _root movie segment is playing.

Is there a command I can use maybe on frame 3 of the _root, right after the preloader, to trigger the download of the next movies?

I have looked at some different forums, and have done the searches, but nothing specifically answers this for me–or quite possibly, I am just overlooking the obvious.

I would like the preloader to still only load what is on the initial _root timeline, but as i said, have the other swfs loading while that first part is playing…

any help in advanced- greatly appreciated.