My menu

Coments on my menu folks, took me all day christmas day,

Regards Barrie

I’m guessing that each of those globes are menu options? If so, then it’s very cool… but that all depends on how you’re going to use it… as in what type of website you’re creating. You might want to put slight color variations in the stars…

Yes they will be menu options, hmmm adding star colours is an option will work on that, As for what type of site going to be, that I am unsure about yet. Maybe family photos and some stuff about me. Dont really know yet.

Regards Barrie

It seems a bit crazy and shooting at you. If your going for a very spacie site slow things down a bit.

-Data :sketchy:

That sound is a little much…sorry sounded rude…don’t mean it that way!

Its good if your using it for a space or astronomy site. :beer:

OK I have removed the stars added dynamic text to globes and fire mouse over effects + sounds.

Now what’s your thoughts guys?

Regards Barrie

sounds are much better

Yes, much better. You could put a few stars back in… perhaps one every 5 seconds or something.