My usercontrol

This is a part of a controlpanel I have for my users, this is put in a “for”.
But since I don’t want to use <a href=“actions.php?action=delUser&id=1”>Delete user</a> I have to send this through a form. Which makes the code very… messy…
Could anyone maybe give me som tips or hints on myabe alternative ways to do it.

			echo "<tr bgcolor=\"$color\" onMouseOver=\"this.bgColor='#2D415D'\" onMouseOut=\"this.bgColor='#000000'\">" .
"<td>$row[0]</td>" .
"<td>$row[1]</td>" . 
"<td>$row[2]</td>" . "<form name=\"$row[0]\" method=\"post\" action=\"actions.php\">" .
"<td><input name=\"admin\" type=\"checkbox\" id=\"admin\" value=\"yes\" $a></td>" . 
"<td><input name=\"tk\" type=\"checkbox\" id=\"tk\" value=\"yes\" $t></td>" . 
"<td><input name=\"action\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"updUser\"><input name=\"submit\" type=\"submit\" class=\"input\" value=\"Update\"></form><form name=\"$row[0]\" method=\"post\" action=\"actions.php\"><input name=\"action\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"delUser\"><input name=\"submit\" type=\"submit\" class=\"input\" value=\"Delete\"></form></td>" .

$t and $a checks if the box should be checked