MySpace Sucks

To keep it short I’ll sum up the story:

  1. Met chick on MySpace.
  2. Met her in real life.
  3. Had Sexual Intercourse.
  4. Gets a call 2 weeks later.
  5. “I’m pregnant Dan”, she says.
  6. I say, “Who are you?”
  7. “Girl you met on MySpace”, she replies.
  8. I say, “Which MySpace girl are you?”
  9. “*******”, she says.
  10. I say, “Oh, hey, what’s up Melissa.”
  11. I’m screwed.

MySpace is the devil. Well that and sex.

She says she is three days late and she took an EPT test that showed positive. I think it’s all bull though, this girl was obsessed with me and I wouldn’t be suprised if she did it all just to get to talk to me again. I figured she was a hot chick on myspace that wasn’t psycho and would be cool as a friend thats a girl, ended up getting me drunk and having sex. Then she turned into a psycho. I wanted a change from people I met locally, so she was from a different part of town so figured I’d try the online thing again.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to leave the forum or anything. I’m just going to make her do a test in front of me to make sure, I don’t believe her. Why do I feel like such a male whore right now?

Any thoughts or suggestions?

My friends in real life don’t help much, why I’m here.