Need an answer quick: Random()

Sorry david. Haha, it looks like im truckin’ for that 1000 mark:)

Yes this is true. Our little upstart Lostinbeta has surpassed even my long windedness. Pretty impressive. It probebly happened because I’ve been spending a lot more time working and less socializing over the last two months. I still have so much to do. I get into Flash slumps (as we all do) which last a month or so… when that happens I do a lot more posting than work. Who knows maybe I can blow him out in October. (I tend to think not though… he’s a great asset and one of the reasons I feel I can take the time to work instead of post. :slight_smile: thanks again for that beta)

Oh great, now I am blushing. Thanks david:)

OK, as August’s Pseudo-King of the forum, I designate Lost September’s King of the forum. :slight_smile:

pom :asian:

Wow, now I am blushing even more. I have never been a Pseudo-King before!:slight_smile:

What are my duties as Psuedo-King of the month?

[SIZE=1]I don’t know![/SIZE] But you could, for instance, write a tutorial about an effect you really like. I kinda did that with the perspective thing, even though I can’t get it finished… :*(

Here’s your mission, Pseudo-King: [SIZE=3]amaze us![/SIZE]

pom :asian:

Ok, I will work on that tomorrow. For now, I am off to bed, I am not tired, but it is 3:45am so I should be getting to bed.

Do you have an idea yet? :slight_smile:

Actually I do have an idea. I think I am going to start simple and do one on easing. I noticed that kirupa doesn’t have any tutorials on that, so I figured I could write one up.

I think easing is an important part of AS Motion, it adds a realisitic look, and a lot of people ask how to do that. So, what better than a simple effect that is effective in many ways?

great idea.

Thanks, I figured, I get a lot of e-mails asking me how I did my Footer, and all it uses is simple easing with mouse follow! I tell them that a couple people didn’t even know what easing was.

It is the very first AS motion thing I learned in Flash (other than _x += 5 of course). I just thought it was important to know easing.

Cool! I would love to know easing! Can’t wait for the tutorial!

Great idea! By the way, Lost, just for general culture, you can check Robert Penner’s Time-based Easing Equations instead of the regular distance-based equations. That guy’s just amazing…

pom :asian:

Hey Ilyas, I already submitted the tutorials to Kirupa, but I will check out Robert Penners site and see what I can come up with. Maybe I will update the already submitted tutorials.

Don’t worry about that, I don’t think it is very useful to put those in the tutorial, even as a reference. They’re nice, but simply impossible to use :slight_smile:

pom :asian:

Nice tutes by the way. Very clear. I like that.

Thanks Ilyas, I like your tutorials on perspective too. Very cool.