Need Idea

Attached is a file for a game called totem I have been working on. It is only of the first level so the story and everything else is not there because its too large. But in the first level I need a idea to make the process go faster. What I have done is made a MC of the main character, (totem) and a BG (background) MC of a road that continues to play to make it look like its moving. Then I made two vehicles with mock names of a company. Now what I wanted to do was make it so more than just those two vehicles come by. So I could make them continue to play, but it is lame with only two vehicle pasing by every second causing no challange. And it takes too long to make similar MC that are longer before they play. The point is I want more vehicles and havoc with LOW amount of work. Now I can’t just put lots of cars into one MC because it wont let you pass between them, and duplicating throws of their timing. I just need ideas to speed things up and make things more chaotic.