New at flash

im still very new at flash, several concepts i have yet to grasp, one such concept is actionscript. i can make lil movies and fun graphics in flash, but i want to make an entire web page in flash, just for ****s and giggles

  • is there a place i can look at example *.fla files to teach myself more?

  • is there a place i can learn actionscript

-when i create flash movies, i would like to mold them into a desired shape, or make some imported images borders transparent, how do i do these things?

thanks for any help offered

Kirupa tutorial.

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Yeah check out the tutorial that chenu pointed to. Also check out the other tutorials on here cus they’ll help you with the actionscript. Every little thing you learn helps you build big things with Flash. Actionscript is a bit like Java in the way it works so if you already know Java, it’s really easy.

As far as cut out images with transparent backgrounds, the best way to do that is to save your images as .png’s and then import them into Flash. You can cut up .jpg’s in flash but it’s a bit harder than just doing it in PhotoShop or Fireworks and saving it out. Hope that helps.

go to these sites for tutorials on flash mx

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i like kirupa’s tutorials the best, other sites really dont break it down like he does with explination and pics…

"You can cut up .jpg’s in flash but it’s a bit harder than just doing it in PhotoShop or Fireworks and saving it out"

im pretty fluent in photoshop, and i have done what you said, but when i import the image into flash the **** thing replaces the transparency with white!

my second flash creation thanks to

Ok about cutting out pictures, from photoshop, turn off your background layer (so that all that’s showing is what you want visible) and save it out as a .png. Import that into Flash and it should work fine. If some options come up when you import it, mess around with them til it works right. I tried it just now and no options came up, it just imported it and it was transparent.

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thanks a ton man, you dont know how much that was killing me…you just gave me 2 steps forward.