November Desktops

**November Desktops! **

You know the drill now… read the rules and share your desktop styles with the kirupa family :slight_smile:

[color=red]past months[/color]
** [color=red]-------------------------[/color]

Make sure you can provide links to the visual style/wallpaper and any other listed items so in order for people to be able to get the item if they like it.

The whole purpose of this thread is to provide a place where if you are looking for a new wallpaper or a new style for windows (or even mac/osx) you can come in here and check out other members setups, then if you like a item from their screenshot you can download the item if the link is provided or you can request it from that person.

[color=red]Rules: [/color]
-The Max dimensions of the desktop pic inside the thread is [color=red][size=4]640[/size][/color] wide.
[size=1](but you can post a [color=red]link[/color] to a larger version of the pic) [/size][size=1]

  • Please behave with your post (no pornography or inappropriate language)

[/size][color=red]Structure of post:[/color]
[size=1]Try to keep it similar to the following:[/size]

[color=red]**[click above thumb to see larger version - link to multi-screen desktop image]

Vs:**[/color]VistaXP (awesome longhorn style by Kol)
[color=red]Wall :[/color] [/size][size=1]Strange World VI
[/size][color=red][size=1]**Calendar: **[/size][/color][size=1]Rainlendar - skin: [url=“”]Brontal-stick[/size]