Oh droooool

Man, I got my book “Flash MX actionscript for designers” today… Just the preface makes me drool… check this out:

“If you’re ready to combine your artistic talent and imagination with the power of ActionScript, you’ll find many things to whet your appetite in this book. If you’ve ever wondered how the hotshot designers make their magic with flash, you’ll find the answers in this book”

ohboyohboyohboy… :evil:

this is like, written just for me… yessss…

yes mommy… :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, don’t sign as “pj”, it gives me ideas! (-:

Actually i have mike oldfield on the speakers, the tv on, all the lights on, and 2 cats sleeping in my bed…

And if you were Danish, I’d have resented “nar nar”, in danish, “nar” means “jester” from the old kingdoms, today it’s translated as “jerk”… :evil: But since your not danish, ill take it as a motherly taunt…

mommy dearest… =)

smurfs=demons?? How cruel… :stuck_out_tongue:

Seen the footer with teeth?

ar ar 2 u 2!

Hey, Smurf in French doesn’t mean demon?!? Actually, if you’re talking about the little blue things, we call them Schtroumpfs. :stuck_out_tongue:

How on <i>earth</i> do you pronounce that?!?

yeah, how??

:stuck_out_tongue: Schtroumpf= ‘sht’+‘room’+‘pf’. Easy.

in danish: Smølf.

I’m also ordering my Flash MX Math Creativity today!! :slight_smile:

I looooooove that book… also Flash MX studio from friends 'o ed too - great group of people those friends of ed.

Shroom + pf? :stuck_out_tongue: