Phil:As a Phormer Phetus - you should find this interesting

wow whatta concept- :!:
…I think the FAQ page is a good start … roam about


That must be a joke :frowning:

i cannot belive this happens…

Example of one option of post-natal abortion. This is our most popular among more urban clients and in cases of larger more difficult “products”…

HA HA HA…this site is twisted!

SPAC has state of the art facilities. Or offices are secure and offer the utmost privacy possible for our clientele. Our new patented FF (filial fertilizer) program not only disposes of the product of conception, but also recycles it, giving back to the world from whence it came.

Here we have an image of our patented FF machine, hard at work.

I know this site is supposed to deter people from abortion…but man did I find it funny.

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That must be a joke :frowning:

Of course its a joke lolol :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Soul :s:

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**Of course its a joke lolol :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Soul :s: **

that´s what happen when you criticize something without spending anytime studing it… you make a complet fool of yourself :stuck_out_tongue: :frowning:

that´s ok, i´m used to it by now… :stuck_out_tongue:

didn’t find it particularly funny. i believe in first trimester (maybe even within a month or two) abortion but anything after that is not acceptable to me.

I believe in abortion situationally.

I dont think it should be used as a form of birth control

I am pro-choice, not becuase I agree or disagree ( I happen to agree) but because i feel it is a choice that a woman should have. The fact remains if you feel that in certain situations abortion is okay, then you are pro-choice. You may not agree w/abortions but you believe that a woman (and I feel the man as well) have a choice. May not be a choice you would make but they have the choice.

Of course we would all rather stupid arse people not have children and people to be smart but, that doesnt happen, so would you rather abortion be a legal option that is a womans choice or illegal so even more woman are dying from illegal abortions, having MORE babies that they souldnt have adn cant support or throwing them in the dumpster. It already happens imagine if the optionw as not available? I would rather people were smart about sex but since we dont live in that world we should be realistic.

abortion should not be used as birth control. there are so many options out there that if one of them doesn’t work, you shouldn’t be having sex at all. adults are emotionally ready to have sex but there are other factors that might not make them ready to have kids (ie. financial,etc.). but that doesn’t mean that sex should be taken lightly. to me, one night stands are scary because i would be too worried about disease and couldn’t relax and enjoy it. sex is a great responsibility and with that comes the responsibility of getting yourself protected as much as possible.

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See what happens when people treat sex like a recreational activity?
pj :stuck_out_tongue: **

I dont know what planet you are from bro, but sex it most certainly a recreational activity.

Just make sure you wrap it, and dont throw it into everyting you see.



very true pinx…

Fester-you have such a way with words! But I 100% agree!!!

yup…me got class :slight_smile:

well, what if you don’t want to get married? what, are you supposed to be celibate? sex is a natural drive, not something to be supressed.

it is definelty a natural drive, I agree it should be between people who care about each other, not just random one night stands but, not necessarily married.

I am biased, I not only have pre-marital sex but have also lived with someone and wasun married, so I quess my perspective is different.

hahah premarital sex rules!! at least you know what kind of sex life you’ll have if you ever decided to marry that person! remember, sex is GOOD and should be enjoyed! (responsibly, just like drinking) :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with you completely pinx!

and by the way, you don’t really KNOW KNOW somebody until you have sex with them. i would want to completely know the person i was marrying.

here’s an idea, birth control, contraceptives–both