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**So, pinx, you meet a guy, have a great wild time in the sack and the best sex you have ever had in your entire life, then realize two months later your pregnant and are going to kill the unborn child…Question; Was the sex werth the life of that baby?

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…because i do this all the time. i mean, i haven’t been going out with the same guy for over 4 years now. but anyways, i don’t think one night stands are all that cool (never had one) and disease is too rampant out there to be that careless. but birth control pills, the birth control patch, and depo provera (shot) protect 99%, and condoms are something like 97% or so. that’s pretty good if you ask me. so what i’m saying is, protect girls yourself from pregnancy and you won’t have to worry about aborting/not aborting later.

also i think parents should talk to their kids more about sex. it’s not only the school’s responsibility.

and i don’t think it would take me two months to realize i was pregnant.

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Phester- Sex is something special and sacred to be enjoyed by two married people who love each other; It isn’t a recreational thing nor should it be; And little babies die every day because of this attitude you just displayed…:sigh:

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I could not disagree with you more buddy :slight_smile:

For me sex is something that I typically share with someone I care about. However there have been a few times in my life that it was in the Heat of the moment kind of thing.

Babies dont die every day because of this. Babies die every day because people dont use contraceptives (sp?) condoms, the patch whatever. Granted they are not 100% effective but pretty darn close.

Sex is a great thing and I persoanlly find it unfortuanate that you view it in such a black and white way.

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**and when they phail, killing the child and denying it life is an option?

Heres another idea phrom not so long ago; Courtship, Self Control, Dating with Integrity, True love and Marriage;

perspective, like I said; peoples views on sex dephinately show how much they value life itself and how much they respect themselves as well. One of the problems is people just don’t care about anything beyond their own phleshly satisphaction; And its obvious. They will even allow a child to be killed in order phor their phleshly satisphaction to go on…How purely selphish. Brutally selphish.

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Dude noone is saying that they are going to have an abortion here. If I was the girl and I simply could not care for the child, I would bear it the full term and give it up for adoption. There are hundreds of thousands of parents that for medical reasons cannot have a child and would give up thier homes for a baby

sex is the staple to a healthy relationship. Smart sex is an even better aspect to a healthy relationship.

not everything is as black adn white as it seems. Phil if it was then you wouldnt make and exception for rape and incest

i don’t appreciate how there are those out there who are entirely for destroying the fetus when they themselves are very well alive to say so. if a mother doesn’t want a child because of rape or some other reason, she should give it up for adoption. a choice to end a fetus’ life should put you for jail for murder. it is no different that waiting for the child to turn 5 and then killing him/her. it just disgusts me. and as phil says, as a phormer phetus i am against abortion.

ok so let’s talk about birth control. i’ll talk from experience.

i went on the pill when i was 17 and got off it at 20 to switch to the patch.

didn’t use condoms (i knew my boyfriend, he doesn’t sleep around…) all the time i was on birth control, and guess what, i didn’t get pregnant. same with the patch.

these methods work and are definately reliable. the only way you could get pregnant is by missing pills, excessively drinking and smoking while on birth control.

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‘hey " ": i agree with you’

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**hey phester-

Don’t werry, I am having phun, although making pointed points; :sigh: But I am curious, why is it unphortunate phor me…? I am happy abstaining; So I will be curious as to how you answer this pal~ :wink:

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Sorry man I didnt mean to come off heated. Its certainly not the case. You know I love a good debate.:phil:

So in answer to your question…this is a kinda tough one without getting dirty :evil:

I am impressed that you are abstaning. That must be tough.

It is unfortunate because sex is such a great thing. not just for persoanl pleasure but to please your partner is just as cool.

I could not imagine not being sexually active.

Perhaps its because I lost my V at 12. (its a long story and there are people here who can verify)

Its hard to explain man. When youve been with someone for a long time it can be all kinds of things. Sometimes dirty, sometimes sensual and caring kinda…

I dunno man :slight_smile:

Get out there and take one for the team!


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**surf with footers off do ya Guigo?


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**that blows… how can you respond to a nameless person?

‘hey " ": i agree with you’ **

yeah, that works. :slight_smile:

you can only be with someone so long (before marriage) before doing anything intimate. after a while it’s necessary.

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**you can only be with someone so long (before marriage) before doing anything intimate. after a while it’s necessary. **

true true…

for me it was 10 months. haha

heres two scenerios that in our society is not such a hypothetical.

there is15 years old girl and she is forced/coerced either one will do by her boyfriend to have sex, even if it is just once.

Shes pregnant–Should she go to jail for being a murderer if she decideds that she should have an abortion, or if her parents tell her she is having an abortion b/c she is not a legal adult to make that decision???
a woman works nights, she is walking to her car, she gets raped in the parking lot and becomes pregnant or not even so awful and graphic she has her tubes tied after her last cild because your family could not possibly afford a 3 or 4 or what ever the case may be child…she becomes pregnant-- she decideds to have an abortion in both cases–is she a murderer that should go to jail.

What if it was your wife or mother or if the 15 year was your sister…still feel that they are murderers?

ten months before you and your boyfriend did anything intimate pinx? was it your first move, or his…