Photo Gallery Assistance

I am trying to create a photo gallery like this :

Can someone tell me how and where to start doing something like this?

Maybe a tutorial with something similar would be great!


  1. Theres alot of little parts to this. Im guessing you can do the simple motion tween with the drinks (note: you will have to tint it 3 shads of grey i think set to 50% 75% 100%).
  2. The upper right pannel is a simple scroll plane kirupa has tutorials for that. The scroll planes text is over the the buttons (they’re using the same button in that scroll plane over and over to save space).
  3. When they make the information they are just using a simple dynamic text box (with html enabled).
    If your new to actionscript read through kirupa’s tutorials on dynamic text box’x, or you may want it to load it dynamically to save time, but that takes more AS. They also teach great info. on customising your scroll planes (the regular ones are boaring and too html’y). hope i could be of help.