Photo Manipulation

I was experimenting with photo manipulation of a black and white stock photo. How did it come out, I have two different version:


Version 1 (coloring):

Version 2 (aging):

Other (me and my girlfriend):

really nice! especially the colored one.
And the girls isnt to bad either :wink:

the last one looks the best. its a cool effect and font.

It looks good, but the coloring step was somewhat of a waste of time because it goes pretty much to one color in the final stages. Regradless, it still looks sexy.

I don’t think they were really steps were they? It was my interperetation that they are different results, personally, the coloring is my favorite. Nice Work

Colouring one is pretty good, the colouring around the eye is not subtle enough, on the right edge of the eye i can see a hard edge , smooth it out with a feather selection or brush eraser with smooth edges or blur. Dont like the border you have on aging (version2) the effect on the pic is pretty nice though.
and so is that girl.

Pic 3:: effect looks ok, but the people (you and your girl) are washed out in white, was the original photo like this? maybe you can play around with brightness contract, levels??

Nice work playing around though. :slight_smile:

nice coloring, i agree with the the border being kinda blah.

Ha, I didn’t realize they were all different pics, in that case, nice job and disregard my stupidity! :thumb:

*Originally posted by tequ1la *
**really nice! especially the colored one.
And the girls isnt to bad either :wink: **

stop picking up on my buddy’s girlfriend. :stuck_out_tongue:

good job looks great :thumb:


Hands round a big bag of Schwwwiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnngggggggg to all

the drop shadow looks a little big on the last one. Other then that it is good stuff.

I agree with soulty the coloring on the eye needs to be lended in a bit more.

what’s funny about you calling the last one aged, is that’s what I
think looking at the colored one :fe:

I really love the subtleness and softness to the colored one. It’s
definitely my fav of the 2. :thumb: