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Maybe not site of the week material… but @#%$, there should be something for everybody:


I’m still working on the “SIM-Steve” flash module, so undestand it’s kinda wierd right now. Most of the commands dont work (eat/hang) and some only work if you click them first (work/smoke). Oh, and I haven’t put a pre-loader in the playhouse section, so dudes on modems beware.

Anyway, I hope you guys like it. This is my spare time project, so don’t expect too much.

I love the photo’s, what a great site!!!

The only thing I can criticise really is that there is a white bar down the right hand side of the screen because your site doesn’t fill my 19’ monitor at 1024 x 768, I don’t know if that’s something you care to fix but aside from that I like it.

Great photography for sure.

Where were those pics taken?

The photos that are one the bottom of most of the pages were taken off the cost of Oregon near Astoria (If you are familiar with the 80’s kid film classic ‘The Goonies’ – this is the exact place they filmed the end sequence at. You can actually see the three rocks that fit inside the coin found by the kids in some of these photos)

As far as the whitespace is concerned, I didn’t want to make the photos too big for those cursed with modems, so the size had to be reasonable (800 wide). I wanted to have them fullbleed against the borders of the bottom and left of the browser, and have the content fit around that, so, if you browse with a resolution >800x640 and have your browser maximized, that will be a side effect. I dunno, I tend to browse with a US letter (8.5x11) size browser. I think most sites are set up for that sort of configuration. I do, however, know alot of people the keep their browsers maximized. It’s all preference I suppose. To bad it’s one that’s hard to get around with some HTML layouts.