Please Help - Easing on Mouse Click

Can anybody please help me with the folowing question?

My Flash MX web site has two “Scenes”.

In the first one I created a movie clip that follows the mouse around the stage (easing on mouse click). That works fine.

The problem is that I would like that movie clip to not only follow the mouse around but also link to “Scene 2” when clicked.

I added the the “on release goto Scene 2” action to the movie clip but it doesn’t work. It still follows the mouse around but goes nowhere when clicked.

What can I do? Please help!

Give Scene 2 Frame 1 a frame label (right click on the frame and open the properties panel)

Then gotoAndPlay(“frameLabelYouUsed”) to play it. Flash sucks with Scenes (and scenes themselves aren’t so hot either) so frame labels are easier to use for targeting. You may have to use _parent.gotoAndPlay(“frameLabelYouUsed”) or something else if your actions are within another movie clip symbol, the targeting all depends on how your clip is set up.