...please help, pom or anyone

this is my rough version of what im trying to achieve


but my problem is i cant get the menu to scroll up or down, it won’t center the pages i want it to. i’m probably missing something really simple, anyway you’ll see what i mean if you check the link out,

could any one provide the code or what ever or even better download my source file below and edit that, then attach it to your post so i can see where ive gone wrong

hope someone can help me. id really appreciate it, thanks :slight_smile:

You have to change it’s Y value too ya know… you just had this “xnew” there but you have to define a “ynew” too…
I made it much easier… check out the code on the buttons and on the “general” mc.— less code
You may need to reassign the X and Y positions to make it kewl and accurate but you’ll get the idea…

Cool! Someone upgraded my code! Thanks Syko. I’ll check it.

pom :asian:

koool…thanks syko, i tried changin the y axis before i posted it up but it wouldn’t work. thanks anyway:)