Please help - rollover image (movie clip) loses rollover effect if hyperlink added!

Hi guys!
Im new here and not very Flash savy or actionscript but trying to get it together! :slight_smile:

I have 2 problems with my flash page that I hope someone could help me with!

Im using a templatemonster type fla and adobe flash cs3 to edit.
Now that you have stopped laughing - heres the problem(s) :slight_smile:

1: there are some small thumbnail size pictures within the flash that have a cool rollover border effect.
I want to add a hyperlink to each one but when I edit the actions with something like
on (press) {
getURL(β€œ”, _blank);

The link will work no peoblem BUT I lose the cool glowing animated border on hovering the image with the mouse :frowning:

2: There is a β€˜contact us’ form in the code and my server doesnt have PHP (its frontpage) but it does apparently have ASP.

I have tried every suggested code to write the asp page as well as the action script but nothing seems to be quite working.
I know it seems like an age old problem for the less experienced flasher lol

Any help would be much appreciated!

i can email my .fla file to someone if they have time?

please email shakir @ thanks in advance!!!