Preloader technique when viewing portfolio samples

Finally I finished with my site, yet I have this concern. Only if you have a high speed internet connection the site runs smoothly, if you have 56K then at some point you’ll find that not all the samples have loaded yet. Would you please check it out and tell me at what point and how do I use the preloader technique when viewing samples.

Thank you.

Cable: beautifull site, excellent job!
To find out streaming troubles, test movie/debug, and get a size report (print out) to check where the main part of your download is located, preload 'till one after that frame (set it to test on 56k modem).

To Eyezberg :
Thanks for your reply, but this technique won’t work here since the main part of my download are the samples wich is the end of my portfolio. It means the user with 56K connection would have to wait 2MB to download.
Is there any other way ?

Great looking site. Beautiful stuff, really.
About that problem of yours, why don’t you try to load external swf in target when someone clicks on one of your art buttons ? Then only you’ll load the movie, and not everything at the beginning.


I found this

how did he do that with his buttons in portfolio ?

instead of trying to load all the sections at once, try loading sections on demand only. by breaking up your portoflio into smaller chunks the 56k people out there won’t hate you for making them sit through a download that they may not even see.
as far as the buttons on that sight i am assuming you are asking about the moving ones. what he did was put buttons in movie clips, then on (rollOver) he tells the movie to stop moving across the screen and follow the mouse (either a startDrag or setting it’s _x and _y to the mouse’s position) for a certain period of time. there are too many ways of achieving this effect. try contacting the author, most people are pretty cool about answering questions about their work.