Pure bliss

After a search that’s lasted the whole summer, I’ve finely found a working copy of Warlords 1 and 2 for WinXP. This game is from like 1992 and 94. My cousins and I used to spend all summer just playing this game on their Mac OS4. it was bliss.

well now that I found it, I played it last night from 7pm to 4am on my only night off from waiting tables this whole week. it was pure bliss like the olden days. really brings back a sort of nostalga.

If you want to download the game, go

here for warlords 1


here for warlords 2

make sure you unzip into a folder. all the files are loose.

dead link :frowning:

yeah not working for me either

deader than dead


it’s not even a zombie or anything

edit: ok these are better

ill have to check it out after work hehe;)