Puzzled assigning variables

Hello everybody!
I’ve seen many times the following procedure to assign a variable name to a text field:

  • We create a generic movieclip which contains a dynamic text field called “tittle” (for example)
  • We add 4 instances of this movieclip to frame 1 in our main time line.
  • We give them a different name (testMC1, testMC2, testMC3 and testMC4)
  • We also add this little AS into frame 1:
    testMC1.tittle = “Hello”;
    testMC2.tittle = “How”;
    testMC3.tittle = “are”;
    testMC4.tittle = “you”;

If we run the fla we’ll have the 4 movieclips on screen “Hello How are you”
So far, it’s ok, no problem and everything’s understood.

However I’m trying to implement a variation for this method which I need to use, but I’m not succeeding.
I’d like to assign the variable values from a plain text file instead.

Hence, I create a plain text file called “Exampletext.txt”. Inside this file I put the following variable values:

I add this piece of AS lo load the variables from the text file:
this.loadVariables (“Exampletext.txt”);

And finally, I modify this bit too:
testMC1.tittle = variable1;
testMC2.tittle = variable2;
testMC3.tittle = variable3;
testMC4.tittle = variable4;

…and well, it does not work at all!
I guess the variable assigment I’ve just made is wrong, but I just can’t think of any other way (I’ve tried many

different ways, without success…)

Can anybody give me a helping hand with this please?
Thanks for your time!