Reading Actionscript variables from surrounding HTML

My client wants to produce an e-mail newsletter, so we’ve created a template she can use in Dreamweaver. This is then previewed and copied into an Outlook Express mail to give an MHTML document.

She also wants to show a set of 3 figures each month in a bar graph form.

If I create a dynamic chart in Flash can I read the variables for the 3 monthly values from data embedded somewhere in the surrounding HTML?

Yes, from the flashvars in your object/embed tag

Thanks, turns out Flash won’t run in MHTML in an Outlook Express mail anyway - unless someone knows differently?

BTW is it possible to have more than one variable declared in the EMBED tag? Although you can declare as many as you want using Dreamweaver’s ‘Parameters…’ section Flash doesn’t seem to like anything after the first one.