Redefine variable after XML is loaded?

hey everyone. hopefully there is an easy solution for this… i’m basically an actionscript rookie and it’s had me stumped for days. i’ve come REALLY close to what i want, but just can’t get it that final step that i need. here is the situation:

i am using claudio’s scrollbar to scroll an rss feed (compiled into an XML file). i have a variable h2 which is equal to the height of a box within the movie clip containing the scrolling content. the height of the box is equal to the maxscroll of the externally loading XML file. the box does resize properly (tested with trace), but only after the variable h2 is already defined… so variable contains the original size of the box and not the new size. how can i get the variable to update so that the entire external file can be seen with the scroller?

anyone have any ideas?

Not sure what the problem is exactly, but do you mean that you want to update the H2 variable as soon as the xml is loaded successfully?