Regarding pluggin

i have requirement something like this.whenever i click on url it should load a application.
it should also provide some information to the application.
for ex.assume that url points to a video on demand server.cliking on url should load video player and it should also provide information regarding which file to play.
How this can be achieved ? Is it possible using pluggins ? If so please give some pointers.
Thanks In Advance.

Hello anantmk,
You don’t have to specify which plug-in to load, etc. All you have to do is link to it like you would any other URL. For example, the following link will launch the Windows Media Player or another capable program for playing the media file:

You would only use the plug-in or embed commands when you want the media file to be displayed in your browser itself. Otherwise, it is best to keep the media file linked as a URL.