removeMovieClip not fast enough?

I seem to be having a problem with removeMovieClip.

In my little ol’ game I’ve been working on, I have a big problem. The removeMovieClip command only works half of the time. When using the Desert Eagle, a slow-firing weapon, both bullet shells and bullets are duplicated and used properly, and remove themselves when their time has come as programmed. But when using an automatic weapon… it seems to be duplicated shells and bullets so fast that they don’t remove themselves properly!

How it works: Let’s take the bullet shells, for example. The bullet shells are created and run a bunch of scripts to fall realistically. Once they hit the ground they run an animation which makes a little sound, makes 'em bounce off the floor a bit then stay still for 5 seconds. After those 5 seconds, they’re removed. It’s that simple, yet it doesn’t work.

I hate having to show everybody my stuff every time there’s a bug but I trust you guys with my problems (this project is mostly for experience anyways). Try using the Pistol (1) and you’ll see it working fine. Then try using the M4A1 (2) or the Steyr AUG (3) and press down on the mouse button for automatic mode. Those bullet shells won’t dissapear. Warning: DO NOT aim at the box. I’m also having a problem removing those bullets, so it bugs when you aim at the box.

It’s too big for the attach function now.

Thanks for the help guys, I really owe you guys a lot,