Screen Vibrate/Wobble

I’m not sure if this should be here or in the actionscript section but oh well.

I have seen an effect where the whole screen wobbles and shakes like an earthquake before going back to how it was originally. Does anyone know how I can do this or even know what I’m talking about.

Well here is the coding to make the window shake like mad!
Actually will give you the .fla for you to use! Been awhile since I used it so I cannot remember the exact way to set it up!

Hope this helps though!


you can also use javascript to make the window itself shake.

This is what bwh2 was talking about: Click here

Go to and find “dubdub” for a really cool use of it.

:lol: that’s cool

allaKAZAAM, I looked at your thingy and it just seemed to be wierd but after looking at the albinoblacksheep thing (which was verry funny) I saw it was doing the same thing but I needed to publish it properley in INTERNET EXPLORER - not my crappy BT BROADBAND BROWSER which makees a complete mess of that effect.

Thank you everyone

I can’t get this to work but I’m not sure if it is my strange and demented computer or if there is something wrong with the code or it’s use…
Am I right in guessing this only really works when the movie has been published in html?

Do any of these work for you?
I have included a .fla (MX), a.swf and a .html.

PS DubDub works on Internet Explorer but not Bt Browser
Yours dosen’t work when published (swf or html)
Mine is the same…