Script question

Hi I’m having trouble using flashamp, I’m ovbiously writing the script in the wrong place I just cant quite get it !\rThese are the two errors flashamp teqh support sent me back\r\r- script attached to frame 1 of the main timeline, not the instance of the\rController clip.\r- duplicate script attached to frame 1 of the Controller clip timeline not\rthe root level instance of the Controller clip.\r\rSo I attatched the script to frame1 of the main timeline (this is wrong) but I cant figure how to attatch it to the instance of the controller clip?\rThen I have to attatch it to the root level instance of the controller clip, and so far I’m somewhat puzzled on how you do this…\r\rI hope I made some sence: could someone give me any pointers\rI’d seriously appreciate it.\r\rMany thanks :slight_smile:

Hey I’ll figure out how to use flashamp in time… I’ve just been real busy with other things… the funny part is I’ve seen peeps are reading the post I posted and then SUDDENLY “0 views”\rlike nobody ever read it?\rI know that isn’t true, must be a moderator editing it or something, who knows.\r\rEitherways I just thought I’d reply to myself, happy Easter to all :slight_smile:

EZ Board has a bug where it will “roll back” the view numbers on its own. Dunno why but it seems to be happening quite a bit lately.\r\rCheers!\r-Niann

yeah ezBoard is ghetto. It does that on the other boards that i have posted on also.

Thanks, I never realised that!!!


i’m new with actionscript\rplease help me with actionscript\r\rmany thanks!