Scrolling Links and Pictures

Is there a way to use the scroller on pictures and links and not just text? If there is I would love to know. My site just needs that to be complete.

Using links, its similar to text though, and about using pictures, check the attachment below:

:o here:

h88: man get some sleep…wheres the attachment!? :stuck_out_tongue: lol

It seems that when compressing and attaching here, it does’nt detect the size, so i uploaded it into my website:

For future reference, i used:

myScrollPane.loadScrollContent("mypic.jpg", "loaded", _root);
loaded = function () {
	theContent = myScrollPane.getScrollContent();

Normally, just setting a scroll pane with a specified parameters.

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**h88: man get some sleep…wheres the attachment!? :stuck_out_tongue: lol **

Its above. :sleep: :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there a way to see the things you put in the scrollpane?!

I didnt see your .jpg only saw the scrollpane, action, and zoom layers so I have actions above my scrollpane. But I changed the name of the scrollpane so It reads:

downloadsscroller.loadScrollContent(“dod_avesnes”, “loaded”, _root);
loaded = function () {
theContent = downloadsscroller.getScrollContent();

I have no clue how to do to link those texts to my download spot.

And yes I gave the scrollpane a component name; I gave it the name downloadsscroller.

Also would I be able to move it around like the text scroller?

Well, u should keep ur Jpg in the same folder where your swf resides, then press ctrl+enter, and c ur JPG on run-time. :slight_smile:

Be Aware: JPG’s saved in a progressive format will not load into Flash. :frowning:

I am trying to make a website. Do I just put an html doc in that?