Sims 2 (Image heavy)

Well SIMS 2 came out today.

I played original sims and thought it was great, got my g/f to try it and she thought it was crap.
A couple of months later she was bored so gave it another go and fell in love with it.
Ever since then just when you think she is over it, they bring out another dam pack and she is into it all over again.[/COLOR]

Well she has been waiting a long time for Sims 2, and in about 20min when she gets home from work she can play it.

I had a 5min look at it, not enough to see anything… But I noted 1 thing, they have gone to a lot of detail on everything.
There is even a little flash trivia game to play while you install… Even the loading screens look nice and the animated mouse.

The screen shots don’t do the game justice as it looks really good in game.

Well, since I haven’t seen anyone else’s post, and I got it about 4 hours ago, I will assume I am the first to get SIMS2 here.

Feel free to comment on what you think of SIMS/SIMS2, post screen shots or tell any funny stories about your sims2 adventures in here. I will do so if I ever get to have a go on it. :smiley:

my gf’s a sims addict too :sure:

too bad her comp. can’t handle sims2 :stuck_out_tongue:

too bad mine can… :frowning:

edit: just for the record and those who don’t know about it, the official website is :slight_smile:

I wanna get Sims 2 asap! But i’m in the mids of exams right now… :frowning:

if the screenshots don’t do it justice, then I’d be really impressed with what it actually looks like - the screenshots impress me enough.

[SIZE=1]dont forget the trailers which look even more enticing;)[/SIZE]

holy poop all in 3d ! looks nice !

can they finally make love ? :trout:

I believe so :smiley:

I’ve never played the Sims before, but this game looks great! Can you actually “win” this game, or is it just a never-ending game that goes on for as long as you want?

i’m waiting for it in the mail. :slight_smile:

never-ending :slight_smile: Unless all your sims die, which is very hard to make happen (unless you kill them on purpose :evil: ), but you could always just load up your game again.
What you consider “win” is really up to your personal opinion, perhaps reaching the pinnacle of your job, or owning everything available, or building the house of your dreams etc.
In fact, in the sims 2, you sims will be born, grow up, and i think may eventually die of old age, but you can continue the family tree by having generation after generation :wink:

That’s great! It sounds a lot better than real life :stuck_out_tongue:

Its strangely addicting. Its like the ultimate virtual pet with customization out the wazoo. The of the cooler things about it (and Im taking from sims 1 here) is that if you ever get bored with using a family or character, you can start a new file in the same neighborhood and your old character(s) will walk around your new house and act as cpu controlled neighbors. You can then develop relationships with them and either decide to like them or not heh. If I remember right, and its been a while since I played, you might even be able to steal family members away by making a character in the new/current file fall in love with a character from another file where they would then join the new file.

Sims 2 looks to expand on everything in Sims 1. I’d like to play it but I dont have the time to invest in it :frowning:

if they’re the last in the family, they bring over their cash. that’s a quick “legal” way of getting cash (which is quite similar in real life, you know, you marrying into a rich family) :wink:

oh wow, I didnt know that. thats cool haha

Can you actually “win” this game, or is it just a never-ending game that goes on for as long as you want?

In fact, in the sims 2, you sims will be born, grow up, and i think may eventually die of old age, but you can continue the family tree by having generation after generation

Yep they will die, so you have to get your career etc done while you can.

In sims I never ever made it to the top career… you need to make them read, practice speaches in the mirror, have friends… Its hard to balance everything… Not forgetting that you have to feed them, sleep, keep house clean, let them have fun…

If you have kids they will have your genetic make up…. My g/f spent 1 hour making me and her look as close to the real us as she could.

She then spent 1 hour making a house to move into… She barely has the walls up, she is so picky.

Sims2 also has memories to contend with. So if you cheat on your wife and someone sees, they can then tell your wife, and when she finds out there will be trouble.

Well she has gone to bed…. So I will get a go now…

alright! Give us your review of it afterwards, yea?

yea it’s hard to maintain a good job and housekeeping at the same time. I often end up making just enough cash to pay the bills and pay for food, with just enough time to sleep, bath, and eat. :-/

oh no! they remember if you cheat???


I actually killed my Family on purpose. It was a Mansion house. I made the Husband Burn himself alive in the Kitchen, the Child eat nothing for a month and the Wife to die from trying to save her husband lol


I built a maze once. One end had an expresso machine, the other had a bathroom. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I thought it was 3am… turns out its 5:30am… So I have been playing for over 6 straight hours.

Its like the first sims in keeping them happy, but you also get points for doing things each day, like learning to cook or something.

I just managed to make my guy.
build a crap house.
get two chicks to move in. (one rich with $45,000)
fix up my house with top notch stuff.
get engaged.

see my girl flirting with another guy.
slap her around.
vomit and cry about it.

now I am trying to get them to talk but he is still pissed, he wont even get in the same bed as her anymore and shoves her away if she tries to hug him.

On top of that I just lost my job after I was asked to make a choice at work. And he is to upset to look for another job.

He started with 30 days, now I am down to 20 before he turns into a old fart… I couldn’t even get him 1 promotion even though he meet all the work requirments and was a happy little camper.

oh no! they remember if you cheat???

Yeah they have memories now… 1 review said that if you get married, if your grandmother is not there, but hears about it from a friend, she will inherit the memory of the wedding.
It has a memory pannel, made a new friend, first kiss etc etc…

Its a silly little game… but god dam is it addictive…

I remember there was a “Golden shower” in Sims1 that you could download that would relieve your blatter and do your hygeine at the saim time hehe :slight_smile:

Fun game.

I remember playing the first game (no expansions) and it was fun for a while, but the novelty wore off. I haven’t played since, oh, a year at least.

It was ok. I still don’t understand what’s so awesome.