Site Check

looks pretty nice, but it takes too long to load…and i think it would be better if the buttons’ captions were ‘tracks, history, calendar, forum’ instead of ‘race tracks, race history… and so on’ :slight_smile:

mmm Too long to load… I was keeping the file size down for 56kers…

The main page with nav is only 38k, and the content loaded into it is only 30K ???

Tha largest one in there is the photo page @ 120k

Is it slow for anyone else??

It loads just fine for me, maybe since my connection is super fast.

As for the site, I thought it’s okay, not really “wow” material, but it presents the information.

I would maybe work on a better transition effect between sections, but other than that, I think it’s cool. =)

I see a blank page. That’s odd.