What do you think?
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URl is : spyglass.4t.com


On your main page I don’t like the fact that information on the links can be hidden depending on where you intend on where you click your mouse. For example when you go to click on gallery but you go to click on the left side of the link then it hides the information about that link unless you move your mouse to the right further to expose what it actually says.

The grey water background effect on the first page doesn’t fit with the little looking glass things, it doesn’t seem to match up well so to speak. I hope you understand this one.

Aside from that I think your website is quite nice and with some refining will look terrific. I wish I could do what you did and in time I expect I will be able too.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for the feedback, but i guess i should clear 2 things up. First, the little box that follows the mouse pointer doesn’t give info about the links, it just tells the user to use the menu on the left to navigate and it does not change (I call it “help” on the top part of the interface).
Second, the background on the loader (1st page) is actually sand, which I just tried to make look like it was seen at night…but I guess it doesn’t match.
Thanks a lot.

I really like your site, but my opponion to improve it is to put some music in the background, not loud though! and maybe when you push a button, the robes move, there you could also put a little sound of something being pulled…

i think you should lose the help movie clip. 99.99% of people that have access to the internet are smart enough to know that you have to click the links to navigate thru the site. the other .01 % are people that I am related to. Lose the help, i just don’t like the look of it. the rest of the site is really good though…good work

I like the site as well, but I agree with not Jubba in that you don’t need the help box. The buttons on the left really do look like buttons so it isn’t very hard to figure it out. also since the help box is lower (in levels,depth or layer) then the left nav bar it gets lost under it, and that does not look good to me.

In summary loose the help box and I think that it is a very coolsite.


ps. It would be very cool if the lantern would raise or lower with the rope on the pulley.