Subliminal sex in advertising?

There’s subliminal sex in advertising, and then
there’s this, from Saatchi & Saatchi, which won the
grande prix for print advertising in Cannes last week:

I have to say, that is quite amusing. I didn’t at all see any subliminal messages tough.

Of course I am just kidding, that picture is sick…without being sick at all. It is all just the way you percieve it.

Oh God. In that case my mind is firmly entrenched in the gutter. :slight_smile:

mine too… everytime I look at that dog I lmao

That has to be the greatest add I have ever seen. I hope the guy who thought that up got a bonus or something. It is so dirty yet there is nothing bad happening. Just some people hanging out at the beach having a good time. Wonderful, just wonderful:)

you sure its suposed to be subliminal? seems pretty clear to me… lol… thats one great add…is it a video clip or just a still add? cause i want to see the video!! hehe

Although its quite an interesting and questionable content…
its a rather well layed out piece of advertising, (no pun intended).

snigger hehe. ‘Laid’. :stuck_out_tongue:

rofl phil.

as for the guys getting paid (not laid… paid :wink: ) I think the fact that they won the grande prix for print advertising in Cannes will probebly pay off in a variety of ways.

yeah…i think they deserv the prize…It is quite well layed out…and i guess that this ad could be shown anywhere even in places where there is restrictions and stuff like that…people would probably just look at it and say “look, thats a nice beach” and not see the things that ppl with sick minds would see :slight_smile: hehe

you see the girl holding the brown bottle in the middle of the shot. I’ve looked at this piece at least a dozen times and I just noticed that one tonight. I think that’s the best of the bunch.

Haha, I noticed that one the first time. I actually think I noticed all of the the first time. That is just because I went through and checked to see what each person was doing sickly.

I think the dog is the most humourus one, because its just so gross to even concieve that notion.

It’s not meant to be perverse unless you see it as such. Perhaps you’re disgust at it is some indicator . Hey you stay away from my dog.

joking… really Phil. I understand what you mean. There are just certain acts that should not be performed, ever. Sex with children and animals both apply. Perhaps the dog is going a little over the top… even in jest.

If you look carefully you can see the dog is actually jumping for a green ball. It also may not be the person that is sick and perverted, it may be the company. After all, when you are hired to do a job for someone are you not required to do what they want you to do?

And if you went to the URL you see the upper left hand corner of the image you probably won’t like what you see there either.

I am not trying to go against anyones opinion, I am just a firm believer in trying to attack a situation from all angles.