Swap image & drop down meau

can I do swap image and drop down meau in flash?! And how do I do it?!! Thanks in advance

both your answers are in the tutorials section. :slight_smile:

Actually that was my first time posting in forums. Everyone seems so nice here. Anyways, about the drop down meau, I might have mentioned in the wrong way. I meant the nested ones like http://www.macromedia.com/support/flash. The sub meau opens up and closes by clicking on the button. The sub meau also pushes the bottom buttons down when opens up. Thanks!!

on www.macromedia.com there is a flash exchange … there are components there. one of them is a tree menu which i seem to be unable to find at the moment … but i know its there b/c i downloaded it before.

that should give you that pushing effect you’re talking about. it’s neat but it really only looks good when you’ve got lots of links you’re trying to organize. there are also html extensions for dreamweaver that do that. also found on the macromedia exchange.

hope this helps

could it be this one?! Collapsible Navigation


yep yep … thats the one

you so cool :slight_smile: