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Well how? Basically im 14 and need to know how lol.

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Well lets see here. I’d suggest getting a copy of Flash 5.0 or MX. Then I would start going through each of the basic commands, using the action script dictionary provided to figure out what I could. Then, if there were a specific question that I had that I just couldn’t figure out… I would post on a bulletin board like this one my query, in the hopes that someone could answer it.

In addition, Action Script The Definitive Guide ISBN 1-56592-852-0 retail US 39.95 is an excellent source of information for any would be Action scripter.

In addition, sites like www.kirupa.com and www.flashkit.com offer a variety of tutorials on the subject. I would try to go through each of these, from the more basic to the more advanced.

You may find some help in the tutorial pages at http://www.centerspin.com. “Flash for newbies” There I’ve tried to make Action Script as simple as possible. (admittedly the tutorials are pretty scarce still. I’m working on many at this time.)

Learn how to use the tellTarget function! Once you learn how to use that, progress on to learning if/else statments. After that, all the individual pieces of programming will slowly start to fade into view. Programming is like learning to write a letter in a foreign language; once you learn the alphabet and grammar rules, with adequate practice you can learn to write with the best of them!