The day after

Please tell me what you think.Thanks


It’s pretty cool. I think it would be easier to watch with less up and down motion… I think I was getting sea-sick. Nice work though. I think the music is great and if you really polished up the text for the “movie” intro than it would be a prettycool portfolio piece.

really good work! very well done i thought.

I thought you did a great job at the beginning. Great music and background radio chatter. I liked how the other side of the first cliff revealed an open space, but after it took the sharp right hand turn, I thought it became somewhat boring and nauseating. Here are some of my opinions/suggestions to make it better:

-It’s definately too long. If it’s going to be that long, you need a larger terrain and less turns
-At times you could see the edge of the terragen plot, and the terrain was generally uninteresting and repetitive
-Give us some textures!
-Some portions of the text were unreadable against the background
-Too much time spent looking at the sky. Instead, show off the terrain
-Try to balance the number of cliffs you go over with stretches of smoother terrain

Good effort. If you decide to change it a bit, let us know.

thanks all for the feedback,that was just a try i admit i have to correct many things,but still learning after all!

Thanks again for all!
Cheers Bubs