The Internet's original purpose?

Well, as the title says: What’s the Internet’s original purpose?

Info, links, and books would be nice. :beam:

I try not to use the internet… I’ve heard bad things.

It was a means for the military to share information faster and such.

Ask Al Gore, he invented it :sigh:



somebody had to say it.


It was a means for the military to share information faster and such.

yep. So they could shar info and it would be much safer. In the 70’s wasnt it?

Also originally used by university’s (sp?) to transfer data quickly.


So scientists could chat easy :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a pretty neat link. This thing has been around since the 60’s and is what the internet “is supposed to be”. It’s the creators of “hyper-text” style linking.

After doing more research, going on what some of you guys gave me, I found out that the Internet was started by the Department of Defense in the 1960’s and later became a tool for university proffessors like Krilnon said.

I even found some pages that agreed with ahmed, Al Gore really did invent the Internet. :stuck_out_tongue:

And thanks for the links hifi and Stu.

well, at least that was the first thing to make money from it

What’s the Internet’s original purpose?

ask DARPA… :x

In Al Gore’s defense, he never said that he ‘invented the Internet.’ What he actually said was that he was the “Father of the Internet”, which is only slightly less stupid…

department of defense developed the internet to communicate in case of nuclear proliferation during the cold war. they recognized that packet-switching was really far better in cases of broken connections.


A means for the military to keep getting acces to pornography during the war at any given time at any given place in the world, to keep them from turning to…you know. :sigh: