The iPhone Setup Experience is Nice...and Simple!


I had to setup a new iPhone today for work, and I always keep forgetting how nice and simple getting a new device up and running is. It’s one of those things that I have no idea how exactly all of the various pieces involved work, and that’s OK.



They are one of very few companies that place the User first. I wish Microsoft could also do something similar. Microsoft give you a lot of freedom and options but Apple thinks about the User a lot more than options and freedom :slight_smile:


The thing that always surprises me (in a good way) is the animated blue spherical circles that is part of the pairing the two iPhones step. Apple could have easily just thrown up a QR code, but that they went this fun/cool route speaks a lot to their culture that allows for things like this to be prioritized in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:


Perhaps they do important choices’ based on ux research first?


I’m still using iPhone SE, I don’t want to buy a bigger model.


I wonder if you reset your phone and go through setup one more time, the SE might show the same setup experience as well :sunglasses:


I just bought an apple watch. It had just the same setup to join the watch with your iphone. Awesome stuff.


I upgraded to a new IPAD mini and the transfer over from my old IPAD was just as smooth as this. I just had to place the new mini on top of the old one to have all of my data transferred over. It was truly a simple and pain free experience.