The "or" Game

lol i was just saw one of these on another forum and i decided to make one here. The game is SIMPLE. just choose one and make another.
first person:
rice or chicken?

second person:
fruit or vegetables?

And make sure that if u post after someone on one delete ur post

enjoy! :smiley:

ill start: or (duh)
Photoshop or Fireworks?


u have to choose one of mine and then state yours :stuck_out_tongue:

(ignore this post)

Electrocution :skull: or Drowning :skull:

Kiss The Lunch Lady - or - Eat Rotten Eggs with 3 Months Expired Milk?

Let’s make this game more fun. From now, you have to pick something and give a reason why :evil:. Sound fun?

kiss the hot lunch lady :stuck_out_tongue:
Starve… or Drown…


Brady Bunch or The Partridge family?

brady brunch, they have nine effective laborers

hockey or running

brady bunch
Britney or Jessica simpson

britney or jessica simpson


mississippi or alabama

NY (Lol :P)
2A.NET or (MT)

Reason people, reason! Explain WHY…it’s more fun that way.

mt 'cause they are cooloer

question or answer

Question (Answers might take too long and I might say the wrong thing!)
Dell or Compaq

dell… more service and cheaper

notebook or laptop

edit: I mean desktop or laptop! silly me! :stuck_out_tongue:

notebook… more compatible…

poker or blackjack?

poker but gambling sucks

microsoft or apple

Microsoft ( More Service, More Viruses, More Control :thumb: )
Look Like Michael Jackson - or - Look Like Missy Elliot

you are two posts too late!

missy elliot surely; micheal jackson has two looks, which do you mean?

armagedon or spaceship troopers


You’re swimming in sick, and someone throws dog crap at you.
Duck, or get hit?