The "or" Game

hmm this is a hard… id say duck… :stuck_out_tongue:

eat poop… or cow poop…

Get Hit.

Ducking is for Wimps ouch!

Coke or Pepsi?

Coke - Pepsi is to sweet

ASP or PHP ? :stuck_out_tongue:

PHP, free, easy to use, not associated with MS

roller coasters or bumper cars

roller coasters, more thrill

really hot weather or really cold weather

Really Cold Water

Get both legs cut off with a chainsaw or Burn both arms off

cut off both legs, as long as it misses the gold (:O)

quoting the dict or quoting the encyclopedia :smiley:

Quoting the Encyclopedia, more informative.

Having your fingernails grow 3 inches per hour or having your hair grow an inch per minute.

hair, long hair could work for a couple of days…

playing zelda 242 times or halo 569 times

Playing Zelda.

3ds Max or Maya

Max. (err…)

toadstool or bowser

3DSM (More Easier To Get Used To)
Pumas or Sketchers

breasts or booty

booty :stuck_out_tongue:

body or face (assume extremes) {i.e. ugly girl killer body, hot girl, crappy body}

Oh yeah, I’m all about the hot girl, crappy body. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tea or coffee?


Firefox or IE?


Calculator or… abacus?


Old Skool New Skool?

Old Skool

paper or plastic?

Paper! It smells less when it burns :bad:

Xbox or Nintendo?

[size=1]…watch out…[/size]