Ultra Dev 4

Just loaded Ultra Dev 4, but I don’t have the flash program, should I use a trial? What do you think of
the freeware stuff?–specifically Koolmoves.com?
Somehow I think I should’ve gotten the Flash instead
of the ultra dev? Brand new at it. Trying to figure
out what it can do that flash can’t, and how to
make movies from digital movie cam. Gin

That’s tough to say… they are very different programs for very different purposes. UltraDev is more useful if you’re looking to build web pages… but then again, you can make web pages with Window’s Notepad if you know what you’re doing, where as you can’t make Swf’s with much other than Flash.

Video is tough for me to answer about as well… I don’t have much experience with vid yet. I hear that Flash MX has really good vid processing abilities. It might be what you’re looking for.