Urgent request for bellir

urgent request for bellir to get in touch,
I have only just recieved your private message as I was unaware such things existed (I’m new to forums) and I can’t figure out how to reply back to you,
If you get in touch and send me the dummy file I will see what I can do to help, as it stands from reading your message I can’t picture what the preloader is meant to be doing,
I’ve been to your site and the preloader definetly needs to be there:bandit:

In the personal message screen (when you are reading the PM that was sent to you) scroll down to the bottom. There is a bluish-greyish type button that says Reply. Click that and you should be set. It will automatically quote what the sender said, but you can delete that if you need more space to type.

I did that and got a reply.