What was that other way to set CSS styles?

@senocular - a while ago, as part of your JS Tips of the Day, there was a clever approach for setting CSS styles on elements that you came up with. Do you remember what that is? I’m planning on revising the old tutorial on this, and I want to include your approach as well.


Hmm. not sure. Do you mean this?

Not sure if there’s anything clever there. I searched through a few of the other tips to see if there was anything else I was doing but nothing jumped out.

Sometimes I will do something like this, maybe something like this is what you remember seeing?

let color = "red"
let fontSize = "2em"
let fontWeight = "bolder"

Object.assign(element.style, {

Edit: I just found a tip that does this ^: JS Tip of the Day: MutationObserver

P.S. I noticed a few broken links in the Tips page. I didn’t check them all but these are the ones I found that were broken or needed fixing:

Yes, that is it! Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

(Regarding the broken links, I’ll go through and see what happened there!)